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Drinks & Desserts - A Recipe for Wellness

This cookbook was written to inspire and show you that whether your vegan, paleo, gluten free or just care about your health, there's a dessert for you and your healthy lifestyle! Inspired by Wellness, Innovation... and a little wine and spirits, too, you're certain to find a recipe you'll love!


Welli Holiday Cookbook

Enjoy a happy and healthy holiday season with desserts and treats inspired by wellness and innovation - Welli. In this book you'll find simple gluten free, vegan and even paleo approved recipes to indulge in while enjoying all of the festive celebrations.


Food and Supplements

Green Superfood - Chocolate
Marine Collagen Protein
Magnesium Powder
Protein Powder
Coconut Flour
Coconut Oil
Protein Powder
Tiger Nut Flour
Raw Cacao Nibs
Hemp Flour
Liquid Stevia
Activated Charcoal
Almond Flour
Raw Cacao Powder
Ultima Electrolyte Powder
Nutrient 950

Skin Care

I like my products like I like my friends - Non toxic!

As particular as I am about food and supplements, the same goes for my skincare. Our skin is our biggest organ and I for one, one to keep it healthy!

I am a big fan of Sanz Life because they have everything from lotion, cleanser and eye cream to shampoos, conditioners and stuff for babies and kiddos, too!

Checkout SanzLife, I guarantee you'll love the way your skin feels.

Movies, Books and Other Resources

Kitchen Essentials