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Building a healthy & Sustainable future for your Company.

What Your Business or ORganization can achieve

- Ability to attract and maintain talent
- Decreased cost of healthcare
- Increased "present-eeism"

- Reduction in absenteeism                        
- 80% increase in productivity
- Improved morale

Featured Services

Office Health Education Workshops

Engage your employees in health & happiness with a variety of empowering workshops.

(lunch & Learn option available)


Healthy Cooking Demonstration & Tasting

Taste & learn healthy food lessons to take back home  


Executive Performance Coaching

Improve health behaviors with one-on-one health coaching



Tap into this expertise on a short-term, temporary, or hourly basis for maximum results with less cost to your organization


Kristine and her team of wellness experts have developed a series of programs and workshops to educate and empower your team to eat better, think better and perform better. We offer and implement performance health and wellness programs for organizations of all sizes. These programs are grounded in ancient wisdom, scientifically-backed, and utilize the most up-to-date innovations in health and technology to support a healthy workplace.

Your team of employees are the mitochondria or "power cells" of the company, it is essential that they are performing at the optimal level for their health and the health of the company. 

We provide keynote, lectures and group facilitation sessions on a variety of health and wellbeing topics. Some of our popular sessions include, Eating for Real Change, Mindful Movement, Better Brain Performance, Three Keys to Wellth, and Sugar Shocked.  

Invite Wellness and innovation to your next meeting or event. Your employees will leave inspired and empowered to make changes that will pay off both personally and professionally. 

We can also help to create workshops and challenges specific to your needs